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Management Message
Chairsman's Message
Mr. Mohanram

Dear Friends!

It gives me immense pleasure to see that Sri Eshwar had been the grooming ground for so many successful engineers spread across the length and breadth of this great nation and part of many successful multinational companies. As the saying goes the battles are not won by the generals but by the foot soldiers, I strongly believe the success of Sri Eshwar is mere aggregation of the success of every individual Eshwarites.

I sincerely believe that this institution is primarily built on 4 pillars, namely, Students, Faculty, Industry and Alumni. In my opinion, the value system that I personally cherish and established in the institution can be proliferated across the society only through the evangelization of the same by our Alumni spread across various corporate and demographics of this country. Every singly alumnus of Sri Eshwar has great potential to play the role of a change agent to bring about a notable progress in the lives of the students of SECE by contributing in many ways.

Wishing each and every one of you all the very best

Mr. R Mohan Ram
Chairmain, SECE


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