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Objective of Sece Alumni Association

This Alumni portal is installed with an objective to make this a virtual place to conglomerate and contribute effectively and productively by the passed out students of Sri Eshwar College of Engineering for the betterment of the current and future Eshwarites. The Alumni Association of SECE is formed by a group of first batch of students of Sri Eshwar College of Engineering. The underlying philosophy of this association is to contribute back to the institution which has groomed us to succeed in life and reach a position of respect in the society.

As Alumni, we all felt we can contribute our might in many areas like sponsoring infrastructure, scholarship offering to deserving students, helping our students to get internship, facilitating industry visits, supporting financially for projects, sponsoring prizes and awards for events, volunteering to give guest lectures, playing the role of a visiting faculty and the possibilities continues. Let us make them feel that there are so many Eshwarites out there to extend a helping hand for them to succeed.

Active involvement in the Alumni association activities will help us bond our friendship and will be a gratifying experience of having played a positive role in the quest for excellence of our great college.


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